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Ric Flair Wrestling legend WWEWhen you saw the headline, you know you “wooooed” one way or another. You thought of all the great Ric Flair memories over the years. Surviving a plane crash, teaming with his cousins Arn and Ole.

The limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheelin’ dealin’, kiss all the girls and make ‘me cry, son of a gun! There’s just so much Flair has accomplished throughout his legendary career. He won the greatest Royal Rumble match of all time, which took place in 1992.

There was the trilogy with Ricky Steamboat and the matches with Sting. There was the amazing war with Terry Funk. And how could anyone forget The Horsemen, Evolution, the emotional and bitter rivalry with Eric Bischoff?

For forty years, the Nature Boy was the greatest of all time. During his era, there was seldom anything he couldn’t do. But there were some items that he never got to check off his list. Here are 10 things that Ric Flair hasn’t done in wrestling.

#i. Wrestled For Ring Of Honor

Ric Flair Nature Boy
Since 1972, Ric Flair had wrestled all over the world for every conceivable promotion imaginable. But besides ECW, Ring Of Honor is quite possibly the only other promotion that was around when Ric was active that he didn’t ever wrestle for. He made an appearance for them, but then no-showed on the next appearance, severing ties and getting sued a hefty price tag. Had he stayed, one might assume that ROH would have found a way to goad Naitch into walkin’ that aisle one last time.

#ii. Wrestled In The King Of The Ring

Ric Flair and Baron

This two-time Hall Of Famer certainly didn’t need the title and don’t think for one second he’d agree to wear any ridiculous royal attire. It’s still amazing to think that the Nature Boy never partook in any of the King Of The Ring tournaments.

Even stranger is that for all of the years Ric Flair wrestled and the years he was in the WWE, the tournament wasn’t even an option for him to participate in.

#iii. Won A Singles Match At WrestleMania

Ric Flair and The Undertaker

For a long time, it had seemed like the only WrestleMania appearance we’d see from the Nature Boy was his unsuccessful title defense against the Macho Man at WrestleMania VIII. But after the end of WCW and the return of Naitch, Ric Flair attempted to stop the streak at nine when he lost to the Deadman at X8.

Ric Flair was successful managing Triple H or in a tag team with Evolution. But as far as singles competition goes, the leader of The Four Horsemen has never fared well in singles competition at The Show Of Shows.

#iV. Member Of The New World Order


Member Of The New World Order

Without exaggeration, the nWo had over forty members across several iterations. From Hulk to Horace, Sting to Fake Sting, Bret, Hennig, Jarrett, and all other spots on the card in between, plenty of jokes have been made over the years about the sheer amount of talent (or lack thereof) that had joined the nWo. At no point in the faction’s history did the Nature Boy endear himself to want to join WCW’s second greatest faction.

#V. Faced John Cena

Ric Flair and John Cena
Ric Flair came back to the WWE the day after Survivor Series 2001. It didn’t take long to get him back in the ring, either – he fought Vince in a Street Fight at the 2002 Royal Rumble. Later that year, The Face That Runs The Place would make his rookie debut and John Cena was off to the races. It took 19 years for the Nature Boy to rack up his 16 recognized world titles, Cena pulled off the same fete in 13 years. But we’ll never know who’s better (Flair). They never had a match.

#Vi. Wrestled Inside Hell In A Cell Match

Hell In A Cell Match

Oddly enough, Ric Flair has never been inside Hell In A Cell. A Flair For The Gold, the inaugural Starrcade featured Ric Flair challenging for the NWA title against Harley Race in a steel cage.

The War Games Match was invented for The Four Horsemen to get their butts handed to them by their adversaries. Later in his career, Flair not only wrestled two brutal cage matches against Randy Orton and Triple H respectively, but also a TLC against Edge, but the Nature Boy knew better than to go to hell.

#Vii. Worked An Intergender Match

Ric Flair and Charlotte

Ric Flair was known for being the ultimate ladies man. Just about every promo involved stealing kisses or making the girls cry or inviting hordes of women in attendance to head to the local Marriott after the show. He’d head to the ring with all kinds of gorgeous ladies including Miss Elizabeth, Debra, and Woman. But as far as the ladies go, ‘Naitch would rather battle them in the bedroom than in the ring. The two-time Hall Of Famer never worked an Intergender match during his career.

#Viii. Wrestled The Last Match Of WrestleMania

Ric Flair Wrestled The Last Match Of WrestleMania

If Shawn Michaels became “Mr. WrestleMania,” the Nature Boy was “Mr. Starrcade” from the get-go, he wasn’t the first person to main event both events. That honor actually went to Steve Austin (on a technicality via being part of Battle Bowl 1991). In fact, Ric Flair had never wrestled in the final match, the true main event of any WrestleMania he was a part of. The WWE title match at WrestleMania VIII was the sixth match of the ten match card.

#iX. Wrestled For WWE Past Retirement

Ric Flair Wrestled For WWE Past Retirement
In late 2008, the angle that ended Ric Flair’s in-ring career started. If he lost any match he was a part of, he would be forced to hang up his famous Olivia Walker robe. Emotionally, he walked that aisle one final time at WrestleMania XXIV.

While Flair did (unfortunately) wrestle again for TNA and the Hulkamania tour, after he lost to Shawn Michaels, the WWE has honored that legacy. Flair hasn’t even been involved in any “street fight” sort of altercation to get him back in active competition. He has stayed retired.

#X. Wrestled In The Original ECW

Ric Flair Wrestled In The Original ECW
“The Franchise” Shane Douglas had cut countless scathing promos about the Nature Boy. Ric Flair never answered any of those fired shots until Douglas made it to WCW. Ric Flair had wrestled in several bloody brawls before, during, and after the glory days of ECW. No, wrestling the Big Show for the ECW Title in the revived ECW brand doesn’t count. Naitch’ never made it to the true Land Of Extreme.