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A report has just been submitted stating that another WWE Superstar may have suffered an injury at tonight’s WWE live event in…
Big Show may have suffered an injury at tonight’s WWE live event in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
During a Street Fight against Demon Kane, Big Show was chokeslammed trough a table and landed “quite bad” according to reader Chris Kinkead. The referee quickly called for medics to come down and check on Big Show. Another referee also came down and ended up counting Kane’s three count on Big Show.

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No word yet on the severity of the injury but we will keep you updated
BREAKING News: Another WWE’s Superstar Injured? Guess Who…
The report reaching us now has revealed that another set back might have befallen the WWE, this is because one of its Superstars “Bigshow” though not yet confirmed has been reportedly injured.

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This will be a great loss for the WWE as it would be recalled that WWE stars like John Cena, Nikky Bella, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and others are currently off the WWE actions due to the Injury they sustained.
More updates coming as soon as a news confirming the Big Shows comes in

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