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John Felix Anthony Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena

John Cena leaving WWE is on the face of it a very bad thing. He’s scheduled to take off after Hell In A Cell, and won’t be back until after Christmas.

Already stagnant Raw ratings are going to be hurt, plus there’s two Network specials that he will be missing. Both Survivor Series and TLC would have been stronger with WWE’s franchise star.
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However, there are some unforeseen benefits in John Cena leaving WWE. A range of opportunities are about to open up, there’s a vacuum that needs to be filled. In his absence, there could be some real progressive action in WWE.

Cena’s exit should mean a new US Champion. Surely there is no way he’ll be holding on to the belt for two whole months, without ever appearing once.

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The title change, which is expected at Hell In A Cell, would be a breath fresh of air for a scene that has been dominated by Cena this year. He’s been champion or challenger for what feels like forever, and there is really little else for him to achieve with the belt.
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He has been successful in elevating the prestige of the US Title, so with any luck, it will now elevate a promising wrestler in the rest of the fall season. The time is right for a new star to seize that scene. His absence gives way for a new US Champion to light up the title picture.

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