6 Biggest Botches From WWE Royal Rumble 2018 — See Which Superstar Botch Was The Oddest




Braun Strowman got what he asked for after knee-striking Brock Lesnar in the face!


The WWE classic pay-per-view Royal Rumbles was one of its kind: everyone says it was a great one in contrast to the probably awful Royal Rumbles  we have been having in recent years.


No doubt, the men’s edition was one of the best 30-man bouts ever, while that of the newly initiated   women’s contest seemingly lived up to the hype. It also helped that they highly anticipated debut of UFC legend Ronda Rousey closed out the show. The media hype is sure to be ample in the fallout. This was a solid pay-per-view to cap off an exhausting weekend of wrestling.

That said, while we shower praises on the WWE officials for a wonderful work done, we do mean to say that there weren’t a few botches along the way. Moments like Kelly Kelly’s sketchy head scissors, Jerry Lawler’s inability to properly say the name of the event, and the unfortunate moment that Braun Strowman stiffed Brock Lesnar. Braun definitely got a receipt for that mistake.

All of those moments and more lie ahead, so let’s kick it off with a sloppy finisher from the pre-show. Click here to get started