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It seems that fans are really taking more than expected of them in the WWE. Everything has got their places and fixations in the universe, i wonder why fans go beyond limit.

Report in the Rome News-Tribune states that in the middle of a match with Shannon ‘Iron Man’ Mann at an American Wrestling Federation event in Ringold, Paul Lee was attacked with a gun by a 50 years old woman named Patricia Ann Crowe.

Paul lee in his march with Shannon tied him to the ring and kept hitting him continuously with a chair and Patricia Ann Crowe finding it unbearable stood up and came to untie Shannon with a knife and then she pulled the gun at Lee with all rude faced the commissioner Robbie.

According to Lee, Crowe has always attended shows in the past years; this he said was the first time such was happening. According to him, he tied up Shannon and was beating him when the lady came out cut him loosed and the pointed the gun at him.

Crowe was angered by Lee after they had an argument in a match some time past. She agreed that Lee spoke mean to her that was what actually stirred her up and brought out the worst in her and she pulled the trigger. He said the gun was well loaded and just a little more serious argument, she would have pulled the trigger.

After that show, she was arrested but was released after paying $4000 for bail, that of cause out placed lee. He also spoke of the metal detector which the AWF is planning in the events of time to come.