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Alexa Bliss WWE lay on the groundAlexa Bliss is really into piercings and tattoos. She recently changed up her ear piercing and added to her collection. She also has a growing number of tattoos, but most of them are white.



Below are some photos of one of Alexa Bliss’ biggest tattoos that she recently got. However, Alexa Bliss is beginning to get some biting from fans though she doesn’t seem phased at all by this critique.

Alexa Bliss recently answered a fan’s question about her piercings. They wanted to know if her new piercings hurt. Her reply: “Like a b****.”

Then another fan fired off a criticism of Alexa Bliss’ affinity for body modification. He said: “I just do not get the whole thing about piercing your ears like that, or Tattoos which you have many clear ones.”

Alexa Bliss new tatoo

Bliss had a reply for this fan. First off, her tattoos are not clear, they’re done with white ink. The only way someone can see her tattoos is if they are close enough. She then remarked that this fan will never be able to see them.

And u don’t have to [peace fingers emoji] they’re not clear, you just have to be close enough to see them. Which you won’t be [kissing lips emoji]

Alexa Bliss doesn’t seem phased at all by this critique. If anything, it might give her more motivation to get additional white ink tattoos.

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Alexa Bliss Announces She’s Suffering From Illness Again

But things are going to be tough for Alexa Bliss in the days ahead because she’s apparently very sick; Alexa Bliss has said as much.

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We’re not certain how sick Bliss is. She posted an Instagram story early on Friday afternoon saying: “Sooo sick.” This included an emoji looking ill with a thermometer in its mouth.

Hopefully, Alexa Bliss isn’t too sick. If it is contagious then she might not need to be backstage. Royal Rumble season is no time to be under the weather.

Liv Morgan WWE

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If she’s okay to stay and can still work tonight’s match then fans should give Alexa Bliss a lot of credit too. She’s toughed it out in difficult situations before and tonight might be another instance of Bliss showing her grit.

Alexa Bliss sick

Alexa Bliss sick

Alexa Bliss Dating & Sleeping With WWE Stars and Officials

Alexa Bliss WWE Star lay on the ground

Alexa Bliss likes men, no doubt about that. She was reportedly sleeping around even while she was still dating Buddy Murphy who wanted to marry her.

Reports say that she (Alexa Bliss) has slept with WWE CEO Vince McMahon, Braun Strowman and quite a number of WWE officials; who knows how many.

Just like Lana, Alexa Bliss likes the “men sleeping thing” so much, although she is not anywhere near Lana, in real sense.

On the other hand, thank goodness Alexa Bliss has finally gotten a boyfriend, at least for the time being.Alexa Bliss has great breasts enlargement and she’s not afraid to flaunt ’em.

Alexa Bliss boobs

Alexa Bliss shows off enlarged boobs

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We don’t know how true this is at the moment, but we are currently investigating.

We shall bring updates soon enough. Please do check back later.