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Alexa Bliss WWE

Alexa Bliss is now one of the major names in the women’s division in WWE. However, before she came to WWE, she had some eating disorders.


She managed to overcome these and then found that WWE was taking tryouts. Recently, talking about her experience in going to WWE, Alexa Bliss revealed what she had to wear in her audition tapes for WWE.

Alexa Bliss WWE
Alexa Bliss on her WWE audition tape

Alexa Bliss explained how her trainer told her to apply for WWE and she got the chance to do so.

“After college, I did body building to gain weight in a healthy way after dealing with some eating disorders,” Bliss said.

“After I got my pro card, I told my trainer that I wanted to do something different and he told me that WWE was holding some sort of a casting call because he knew I watched growing up.

Alexa Bliss dating

So, I got home, and got on the site, and found the link, and it had these guidelines saying to make a video explaining why you would make a good WWE Superstar.

Alexa Bliss sent in the video and revealed that she had to wear a bikini, talking about why she wanted to be a WWE Superstar. Thankfully for her, she got the chance to be a part of the tryouts and was called in.

Alexa Bliss WWE

“So, on the WWE 365 that I did with Trish and Lita, they had found said video, and it is so embarrassing,” Bliss said. “I paid a guy $100 to film me in my bikini because it said you had to be in a bikini, talking about why I would be a good WWE Superstar, or Diva at the time.

I’m talking about my athletic background and calling myself Baby Swag because that’s what my trainer called me at the time. Then I talked about my gymnastics, and I took a bump in a gymnastics gym and it was just really bad, but I thought it was so cool at the time.

So, I sent it in and a couple of weeks later, I got a call saying I was going to Los Angeles for a casting call.

Alexa Bliss chilling out at the pool

Alexa Bliss chilling out at the pool

Alexa Bliss also talked about a funny story of what happened during her audition with Triple H. Now, she’s a big part of WWE, and according to a rumor, may be involved with Bray Wyatt going forward.