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Alexa Bliss boobs

Alexa Bliss has been quite open about her relationship history, but there are still sections of the fanbase who are confused about the same. That’s understandable as you’d find all kinds of information on the internet that may not always be accurate.


Alexa Bliss was reportedly engaged to Buddy Murphy, and it was called off in September 2018. Recently on Twitter, a fan asked Alexa Biss about her relationship status with the former RAW Tag Team Champion.

Alexa Bliss boobs

Alexa Bliss shows off enlarged boobs

Bliss revealed that she and Murphy split way back in the early part of 2018. Little Miss Bliss added that she is still friends with Murphy and the two share animals to this day.

The 5-time WWE Women’s Champion is currently in a relationship with singer Ryan Cabrera, and she even posted an adorable photo with the American musician after her tweet about Murphy.

Alexa Bliss also had to recently deal with online threats from a Twitter user that were explicitly directed towards her boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella WWE Stars

The user in question said that he’d kill Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss wasn’t happy with the comment. She took a screenshot of the tweet and sent it to the relevant department who’d look into the matter.
Alexa Bliss and Murphy

Alexa Bliss’ Twitter account was locked earlier this month, and such unfavourable fan interactions are a prime example behind her decision to regulate her social media activity.