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WWE Superstar John Cena is probably a step away from the Hollywood movie industry and this may be a fitting way to end his career with the wrestling giant company, owing to the controversies that surround him and the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

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John Cena has featured in three movies this very year, and he seems to be getting more attention from the movie industry lately. Cena is just returning to WWE after taking time off to film a series of reality movie with FOX, and that came at one time WWE would have probably needed him the most following the injuries that plagued most of their Superstars. Also, Cena has honored several invitations from The Today Show this year which may be seen as another development that might encourage Cena to call it quit with WWE.

The Rock began like this about 10 years ago; he got invitations from the Hollywood movie industry and he tried to juggle both careers together but failed. Then he forwent WWE for acting when the workloads became too much for him to shoulder.

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Now, we have already started thinking that Cena is set to toe the same part that “The Great One” took but that’s not just what’s on Cena’s mind or agenda for now. Cena revealed while speaking with The New York Times that he is not going to take just the route “The Rock” took. He said he wouldn’t leave WWE for acting and that he and his boss Vince McMahon have reached an understanding on his time away.

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“I have a very good mutual understanding with my boss that I don’t ever want to leave; I really like it in the ring. I try to pick opportunities that don’t take me away from WWE for too long. I try to do opportunities that can really help expand our audience and bring new eyes to our product.”