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Nikki Bella has once more dropped a bombshell about her WWE returning status. While fans are arguing about when the former WWE Divas Champion is going to return from break, she just stated that she can’t say when she would make her return to WWE until the end of next month.

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Nikki Bella disappeared from WWE in October this year following injuries she reportedly sustained. The story took this shape; Nikki missed October 26th RAW and that was shocking because there was no signs or prior remarks that she was going to do so. So everyone wanted to know what happened.

We would have thought in vain had Nikki herself not posted on Instagram that she suffers a neck injury. In the photo she posted, she was seen wearing a neck brace and she noted that she was working about 8 hours daily on recuperation.

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Fans didn’t find that funny, hence, there were reactions in the air. Then a while afterwards, it was reported by that apart from the neck injury that plagues Nikki, she also suffers a niggling hip. But in contrast, the official word from WWE is that Nikki is dealing with a “sore back.

As that phase slowly faded off and Nikki was expected back after she was reported fit as she began doing the gym work again, once more she posted on Instagram that she would return to WWE soon. That was all she said. She didn’t disclose the date of her return. No, she didn’t.

So the question is, “When is she coming?” Nikki Bella twitted this in the early hours of today, “Yes it’s true End of January I will know my destiny…Till then…All I can do is…STAY FEARLESS! “