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It seems a new conflict is going on in the world of professional wrestling, likely a clash between ROH and WWE.

There is no doubt that the World Wrestling Entertainment still remains the best wrestling company you can ever imagine of which by comparison makes it far more above New Japan Pro Wrestling and Asistencia Asesoriay Administration as well as Ring of Honor in terms of net worth, coverage and staff salary.

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So if we were going to talk about power ranking in the professional wrestling industry, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) would come first – they are the giant, the biggest controller and the most favored in the industry so far. The Japan Pro Wrestling (New Japan) and Asistencia Asesoriay Administracion (AAA) would follow respectively before the Ring of Honor (ROH) would fall in.

Hence, you would imagine what the ground would be like as WWE seems to be fighting against ROH. ROH have always taken chances to run their shows in just the very cities that WrestleMania is done year in and year out, making it seem as if the two companies have the same strength and provisions as travelers turn in to for wrestling PPV yearly event.

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Vince McMahon has always gotten his way. Since WWE is the biggest promotion on earth most investors prefer to do business with them because they are sure their resources and investments are not only safe but would turn out good returns.

Now the ultimate question is, “If WWE successfully achieves their goal, as they are most likely to, how would ROH survive and maintain their company?” It becomes worse when you learn that fans are already complaining that the ROH are not leaving up to their expectations, their promotions are down and nothing seems to be working, right now.

So we may just be on the verge of seeing the total collapse of another wrestling company. This may just be another bitter pill to swallow as the ROH still has quite a number of fans but that is the shape the company is taking just about now. The oddest part is that the ROH is quite older than TNA, yet TNA beats them by far in nearly everything including network coverage and staff welfare.

So what’s more? Would they survive their battle with the biggest promotion on earth (WWE) or they would just fold up?

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