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Scott Steiner and Ric Flair beef, enemiesArn Anderson has revealed when Ric Flair and Scott Steiner became real-life rivals. Arn Anderson delved into the real-life heat between Ric Flair and Scott Steiner on a recent episode of his ARN podcast.


It’s known that Flair and Steiner were not on very agreeable terms at points during their wrestling careers but Arn discussed where the heat originated from, claiming it went as far back as 1991, when they worked at WCW under Jim Herd. Back then, Ric was being pushed down the card while wrestlers like Steiner were headed up.

 Scott Steiner and Ric Flair

Flair would leave for WWE but, prior to doing so, fought Steiner at Clash of Champions. Arn speculated on Scott possibly thinking The Nature Boy didn’t give the fight his all.

“Ric had a match with Scottie on a big show… Clash of Champions maybe. And it had some time involved and apparently Scottie did not like the match because he felt like Ric held back or tanked or something,” he explained.

“There was just a conspiracy in somebody’s mind, one way or the other. The match was not what either one of them wanted it to be. I think they carried that and it just built and built and built. And when you’re the booker, and Ric was the booker, you’re always going to have some enemies and you’re going to have some confidants. I think it was one of those situations.”

Scott Steiner rushed to hospital after collapse

Lance Storm wrote a blog in 2014 in which he spoke about the heat. Storm noted interviews from Steiner in which he accused Ric of having “cut his legs from under him.” Flair has denied such but Storm seemed to think that may have had a bit to do with it.

He wrote:

“I think the biggest problem was that they had very contradictory styles. Scotty had been getting over with a more physical style of match that involved some Steiner specific moves, like the Tilt-a-whirl Slam, The Tiger Driver, The Frankensteiner, etc.

These moves were a big part of what fans liked about Scott Steiner, and Ric has the bumps he likes to take and is used to running a match his way. Whenever the match felt like it was starting to pick up for Scotty, Ric would cut him off.

Ric Flair NWA

There were several instances where you could tell Steiner was trying to set up his trademark offense and Ric would block it or shut it down. Ric also dominated a much larger portion of this match than I think any match I’ve seen him in before.

This may have been subconscious because he was feeling the pressure of the office wanting his run on top to come to an end and wanting to prove them wrong.”

Should Be A Thing Of The Past

Scott Steiner rushed to the hospital and in very serious condition

The two wrestling legends are believed to have put the 90s beef behind them but there’s been co confirmation from either man.

We don’t imagine them having time to hate each other at their ages, though.