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Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss rivalry feud is something that’s currently not going down well with the WWE Universe as there seems to be nothing more left in the storyline.

The original intent of the WWE officials was that of giving Alexa Bliss some extra heat before her Kendo stick on Pole match with Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules but somehow along the line, things went haywire. Hence, the segment has received nothing but disdain from the fans, and it’s being considered the worst segments in recent memory.

In fact, it now being ignored by the company and the entire world is trying to pretend like it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to solve it all and some people are starting to wonder if the blame is on Alexa Bliss.

The bigger fish to fry is the fact that there would be more pressure on Bayley and Bliss to have an awesome match, because they need to make up for the bad segment they had earlier, WWE officials may be planning to ignore it, but WWE fans may have lost significant interest in their feud.

So there would be every reason to begin a feud between Bliss and The Boss unless the Alexa and Bayley have a great match. Fingers are crossed; we keep you posted!