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The WWE has Had a lot of great Superstars in the Past and presently, we see the likes of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sasuke Nakamura and others Doing Very Well in both the In-ring actions and representing the company on other social platforms.

When speaking about great WWE Superstars, we cannot do but mention the Former WWE Superstar Ryback. Ryback played a major role in the WWE from 2010 to 2016. He has been part of many WWE Championship matches and was even a former Intercontinental Champion.

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At the time of Wrestlemania XXX, he competed with his partner Curtis Axel as RybAxel on the pre-show for the Tag Team Championships but were defeated by The Usos in a Fatal Four Way match on the grand stage. However, Ryback informs us that WWE possibly had bigger plans for him at the show.

We all know that Ryback is Very outspoken about His life and the WWE and does not hold back when it comes to his podcast entitled ‘Conversations with the Big Guy’. Recently, the WWE Superstar ended a long-standing rumour on the show. This rumor was about him being pencilled in to face a WWE legend at Wrestlemania XXX.

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Ryback said he was to face ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ at Wrestlemania XXX, he said he had no idea how serious the deal was. He however explained the situation, in his own words:

“Mark Carrano (senior director of talent relations) actually had shown me the WrestleMania card early. They kind of have an idea of what they want to do, obviously, ahead of time, and they had on it Ryback versus Ultimate Warrior. And I just said, ‘cool’.”

This Match which was a dream match for both Ryback and fans worldwide did not hold. This was as a result of the medical condition of the WWE Legend The Ultimate Warrior’. The Ultimate Warrior’ passed away in a matter of days following Wrestlemania.