Beyonce’s False Age Claim: See What Her Father Did To Her Again … This Will Shock You!

Beyonce  and Matthew Knowles The controversy between father and daughter has taken a new dimension as Matthew Knowles pressed further to showcase his resentment over his daughter’s alleged false declaration of age.

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Speaking in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Beyonce’s Father affirmed that his daughter is almost the same age as Pink. It would be recalled that Pink’s age was earlier announced to be 36, with respect to this Beyonce’s age should not be less than 36.


Contrary to the claim by Beyonce that she’s 34 years of age, her father seems to be unrelenting in coming out to tell the whole public that his daughter is a liar pointing out that her age declaration should be seen as untrue.

The father has so far maintained his stands, coming out with different proofs to further drive his point home and the media and her fans are getting impatient, longing to know the whole truth and what lies ahead of the duo.

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