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The Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr has offered UFC featherweight champion $50 million to fight him before this year runs out in a giant PPV fight. Floyd would be receiving double the amount that Conor will get if the fight takes place.

McGregor and his manger had to agree on the amount he will be getting half of the money if Floyd makes the match invalid if he is willing to give him a better cut.
Now for the fight to be unluckily made it means Mayweather won’t get the nine figure any longer the star will only make like $75 million.

Floyd might need to change his direction if he really wants his nine figure like the $70 million he made for the fight against Andre Berto last September and if Mayweather really thinks he need his nine figure payday then he should try out Gennady Golovkin a dangerous middleweight world champion whose punch power could be the end of Mayweather.

If Folyd really need to fight McGregor then he would not want to miss a work with Dan White because McGregor is a better PPV star than Floyd in Australia and Canada which makes Floyd have more interest in fighting McGregor so as to add to hi PPV card at 39 years.