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After the superb Haye-Gjergjaj fight Haye has come out to do what is expected of him, David Haye (28-2, 26 KOs) defeated Arnold Gjergjaj (29-1, 21 KOs) in just two rounds at the O2 Arena in London UK. As Haye-Gjergjaj fight is done, Haye is now looking forward to face Shannon Briggs (60-6-1, 53 KOs) the 44 years old and Haye 35 by September in UK. After Briggs overwhelming destroy of Emilio Zarate in just one round, Uhhmm Briggs seems to look better than Haye.

I think Haye’s concern is the fact that Haye fought like he was still in his 30s through nothing but his body shots and it looks so powerful, Haye of 224 pound had good punches against Gjergjaj while 2501b Briggs was only considerate slashing punches to Zarates body just until he collapsed and laid down on the canvas in pain.

Haye Speaking to the press said “I’m going to need to be careful in the first few rounds but I believe my superior conditioning and my speed will help me be able to outmaneuver him, knock him down and knock him out, In the first three rounds he’s very dangerous, ask Lennox Lewis. The last thing a fighter loses is his punch. I can’t afford to get hit by any of his big bombs. He’s a big 18-stone man, very powerful, the most first-round knock-outs out of any heavyweight champion in history.”

This time around I hope Haye won’t be running around the ring like a fearful rabbit has experience at his fight against Wladmir Klischko and ikolav Valuev in time past even though Haye manage to get to the 12 round he was only limited with just one shot smashed him out.

Technically Haye is wrong by saying Briggs can only be strong in three rounds because everyone knows Briggs is a body puncher and guys that don’t hunt for the head but for the body are consistently dangerous and for Briggs I think he is dangerous for the whole 12 rounds.
Haye said, “I’m quite composed normally but he’s such a big guy and he’s so loud, Briggs When he gets into your personal space it makes your blood boil a little bit.”