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Joseph Parker (19-0, 16 KOs) who strived to win Carlo Takam (33-3-1, 25 KOs) 35-years old in a controversial decision in the IBF heavyweight eliminator fight last week Dillian said he is not seeing Parker as a championship material.

Dillian said he doesn’t see Parker defeating the IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua as Parker lacks the qualities he needed in fighting a world class Joshua, Parker’s stamina can’t stand more than few rounds watch Parker’s match against Takam’s and with this, I can’t see him withstanding Joshua if he pushes the pace against him.

Joseph Parker does not look like a Championship Level Material and he has no enough skills to defeat Joshua at the fight against Takam, Takam really did enough but was not only having enough engine to fight has hard as one round for every round.
Dillian who was not impressed with what he saw form Parker said “I think his power is overrated. I think he’s fought a lot of sandbags. Tonight he fought someone with a bit of experience and intelligence and he couldn’t stop him,” Whyte said “I see things in Parker’s game that mean I could knock him out.”

Whyte added that Parker doesn’t hit hard as people think he does and there are tendency that he could get knock out when he steps his game up, Parker need major improvement and he should get the improvements before the challenge against the world title and am not sure he ‘ll get it before he faces Joshua in 2016 or 2017.