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Many people think Golovkin is now obviously skeptical as his thinking is that may be Canelo and Golden Boy won’t accept his fight offer and he is now asking his fans to suggest who they want to see him fight.

If any fight should come between Golovkin and Canelo it will only make Canelo rich and famous as Mayweather’s fight against Manny Pacquiao made Mayweather rich with a bigger part of negotiation.

If Golovkin is willing to take 10% of the money then there is a chance of negotiation between him and Canelo, in my own opinion I think Golovkin should agree to 1551b strength-draining catch weight so he can get the fight as well.

Now the big question is will Golovkin take the smaller money and a catch-weight? And also looking at it vivdly it might not worth it if Golovkin takes the fight under those circumstances because Canelo is no longer in possession of the WBC middleweight title that Golovkin desires.

Here are the suggested list for Golovkin to pick for his next fight.
1. Billy Joe Saunders
2. Andy Lee
3. Jorge Sebastiian Heiland
4. Arif Magomedov
5. Chris Eubank Sr