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On paper, the Haye-Gjergjaj fights are dreadful mismatches in fights that arguably should never even have been made for the top of a card. I mean, I’m still kind of dumbfounded that Haye vs. Gjergjaj could be a headliner fight because it’s such a terrible mismatch.

Gjergjaj obviously has not yet had experience with any upper level heavyweight, as the only meaningful fight I can say Gjergjaj had was the fight against Journeyman Denis Bakhtov last year.

The win for the 35-year-old Haye as been able to sets up a nice match between him and American heavyweight Shannon Briggs (60-6-1, 53 KOs) for September this year.

Haye vs Gjergjaj2

However this are the breakdown of Haye vs. Gjergjaj

Power: Haye by a wide margin
Experience: Haye
Ring IQ: Haye
Speed: Haye
Size: Gjergjaj
Mobility: Haye
Chin: Haye
Haye vs Gjergjaj 1

Haye vs Gjergjaj2

Apparently, one of the major reasons why Haye really want to fight Gjergjaj is that he wants bunch of record-padding on his recent resume so as to enable him fight Anthony Joshua the IBF heavyweight champion by 2017 or maybe before this year runs out