BOXING NEWS: Huge WBA March Has Been Cancelled – See Reasons…

The much anticipated match of the World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury would not longer be aired. The match will no longer hold at the stipulated time but may take place someday any time. The champion announced and apologized to all his fans.

Tyson Fury officially proclaimed that his match against Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko will no longer take place due to an ankle injury which sustained during a match. This match was to be the WBA and WBO where Fury would be defending his title against Klitschko in Manchester on July 9. The match was postponed but that actual date has not been revealed again.

See what Fury said, “The fight will be postponed. Sorry to all my fans, but injuries do happen,” Fury said on his Instagram page.

“The fight will be on as soon as possible. That’s all I know at the moment. The fight is still going ahead as soon as the ankle gets better, we will re-schedule.”

In November last year, Fury dealt with Klitschko. The match was record breaking because since 11 years, Klitschko has never lost but last year, Fury beat up and won him. Fighting is not in age, sex, height or stature, fighting is in the mind. Fury is 29 while 40.