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World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury whose fight against Wladimir Klitschko was postponed as a result of his ankle injury as gone extra mile to appeal to fans, Tyson Fury did this by buying their love when he paid for 200 jagberbombs for England supporters at Euro 2016.

The champion revealed he was on his way to France to enjoy Euro 2016 with fans, the estimate bill for what he did racked up to €1,000, and he tweeted the bill of his gesture to fans as he left the bar.
This was what he said to fans as they merry: “Sorry to all my fans for letting you down but injuries do happen. It’s one of those things.

“My apologies to everybody who has booked dates but the fight will be on as soon as possible.
“That’s all I know but the fight is still going ahead. Once the ankle gets better’
Tyson arrived France wearing and England shirt but left the scene shirt as fans crowd him, expressing their love to him. He captioned the incident to his tweeter handle saying: “This is how much I love my fans, Euro 2016 200 jagerbombs, for the fans.”

The fighter will defend his title at Manchester United against his Ukrainian opponent Klitschko, let’s hope he does not get distracted as Klitschko is full ready to battle the title away from him.