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Pro wrestler and Drax writer CM Punk has totally confirmed that he is switching camp; and would be in the WWE for Wrestlemania 33.

The former WWE Superstar and current UFC fighter CM Punk has eventually sent the wrestling community into bananas after he responded to a fan who asked him if he has the intention of returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 next year.

The answer was simple and straightaway, “Yes!” CM Punk hammered and punctuated it with these words, “Going to be big. So big. Bigly. Tremendously bigly.”

But we know, he wouldn’t be returning alone; no! Someone would definitely return with him.
AJ Lee’s retiring from the WWE was understandable; as a matter of fact, she lagged behind before joining her dear husband, CM Punk.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter linked AJ’s retirement to fallout over WWE doctor Chris Amann filing a lawsuit against Punk. Hence, it was pointed out that, AJ would probably to call her exit a retirement to get out from under her contract with the company — and so it was.

Before AJ Lee dropped her wrestling gloves, she endured the company’s excesses, she was there for the company; no other wrestler on the roster has had to suffer the awkward, undesirable situation that she did. She worked for the company that her husband had a surplus of ill will toward. She worked for the company suing her husband. So, we are bent to say that Punk’s return would inevitably and unavoidably drag his beloved wife, AJ Lee along.

That alone had to strain AJ’s relationship with WWE. Her wedding day will always be associated with the climax in her husband’s battle with their employer.

Punk once said that the staph infection was life-threatening and that a doctor told him he was lucky to be alive after having it go untreated for so long. For AJ to have to work for the company that Punk blames for all of this had to be incredibly hard. It’s the kind of difficult scenario that few of us could imagine.

But all that is gone; water under the bridge now. CM Punk is kicking for his return to the company where he would likely do a match at Wrestlemania 33.

Vince McMahon has apologized; Vince appeared on The Steve Austin Show and made a note on CM Punk release. He then tender and unreserved apology to Punk for firing him from WWE on his wedding day and said that it ended up being just a coincidence.

McMahon noted that at times the legal department and talent relations are not on the same page, and mistakes do happen at such times. He went further to state that he hoped WWE and CM Punk could work together again one day.