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CM Punk has just confirmed that he is switching boat; and would be in the WWE for Wrestlemania 33.

Yes, we saw it coming; rather, we anticipated it happening soon after a devastating career as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

The former WWE Superstar and current UFC fighter CM Punk has eventually sent the wrestling community into bananas after he responded to a fan who asked him if he has the intention of returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 next year.

The answer was simple and straighaway, “Yes!” CM Punk hammered and punctuated it with these words, “Going to be big. So big. Bigly. Tremendously bigly.”

The Pro wrestler and Drax writer CM Punk hung his wrestling shoes and glove in 2014, in-spite of that, his name and image continue to be sung by wrestling fans again and again irrespective of a somewhat embarrassing loss in his first foray into mixed martial arts.

His return which was originally seen as a mere wishful thinking has changed gear and the unthinkable and unbelievable has come about. Punk has pinned it that his return his certain.

The next step for Punk now is building back his broken walls, he needs it for his stay in WWE to be successful – already, fans are already pinching that they would love to see him take AJ Styles upon his return. Let’s see how it goes; hopefully it works.

However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said in May this year that, newcomer Mickey Gall would eventually beats Punk hands down. Hence, the former WWE star may make U-Turn career-wise. Possibly!

Yes, after being fired by Vince McMahon in December 2014, Vince McMahon appeared on The Steve Austin Show and made a note on CM Punk release. He then tender and unreserved apology to Punk for firing him from WWE on his wedding day and said that it ended up being just a coincidence.

McMahon noted that at times the legal department and talent relations are not on the same page, and mistakes do happen at such times. He went further to state that he hoped WWE and CM Punk could work together again one day.

Hence, fans are now saying a CM Punk WWE return is a matter of when, not if.