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Former WWE Divas Champion has officially stated that she was told that she won’t be able to wrestle again;

Nikki Bella was speaking in a new interview with the ‘Gorilla Position’ podcast, amidst retirement rumors, she opens up about her career-shortening neck surgery.

The interview was filmed for the ‘Smashing Glass Ceilings: The Women of WWE’ Channel 4 documentary in the UK, Nikki Bella tells the program’s director and host of the ‘Gorilla Position’ podcast James Delow about what really went down with her career-shortening neck surgery.

In the exclusive interview with WWE star Nikki Bella on Gorilla Position, Nikki revealed that she was told the craziest thing she never wanted to hear.

On possibly never wrestling again, Nikki had the following to say:

“With this surgery, the craziest thing was finding out, ‘Oh, by the way, you can never wrestle again, this is it for you,’ and I was like, ‘I’m just not going to accept that.’”

Nikki Bella has had a long and prosperous WWE career, but her time in wrestling is eventually coming to an end sooner than a lot of people were expecting. Having recorded these facts, let’s see how it goes with Nikki as she battles with her neck injury.