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According to PWMania who recently tweeted about WWE replacing Mick Foley following the emergence of WresleMania 33.

Recent report has it that Mick Foley has got a replacement as the RAW General Manager. He will be replaced by another top WWE legend of all time.

The RAW GM Mick Foley agreed to become the new GM of Monday Night Raw when the brand split was introduced.

On the other hand, the commissioner for SmackDown live Shane McMahon was also brought back despite obvious loopholes in the storyline that had brought him back, he managed to stay back as well. Goldberg had also returned for a one match deal initially, but the WWE decided to extend his stay.

Be it a coincidence or otherwise, Kurt Angle has been brought back to headline the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 in a similar fashion and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this rumour turned out to be true as well.

Kurt Angle may be the man to replace Mick Foley once the latter steps down from the role of RAW General Manager. PWMania recently tweeted out that following WresleMania 33, Angle replacing Foley might be a likely scenario. There have been several reports that indicate that there is an arrangement between WWE and Kurt Angle regarding on-screen appearances. We shall bring updates to you as information becomes available to us.

As the matter seems to be gaining some substances, it becomes inevitable to say that the thought of firing Foley and Stephanie have already been planted by WWE and with Foley’s surgery on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time before they accelerate the angle. And then, waiting in the wings could be another angle – Kurt Angle.

In conclusion:

Having served as General Manager of SmackDown in 2004, Angle has experience in the role. Also, he and Stephanie McMahon certainly have the on-screen history that could lead to multiple storyline angles. Whether WWE had the GM post in mind for Angle’s impending “on-screen role” is difficult to ascertain at this point.

Finally GOODBYE To Daniel Bryan As Smackdown Live General Manager — See Huge Reasons

Every story reaches its conclusion and with Daniel Bryan’s comments about wanting to be off the road more and a baby on the way, it goes without saying that the Daniel Bryan storyline in WWE is finally reaching its conclusion.

Although Daniel Bryan retired from in ring competition in February of last year, he was brought back in July as Smackdown Live’s new General Manager, which kept the fan favorite on television and around the fans.

Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan’s wife is expecting a baby and will be taking time off from the company. Of course Bryan will probably work with WWE in the future especially since he has been a huge part of the company for the last couple of years, but for now he wants off the road. With that being said, expect Bryan to get in trouble for laying his hands on The Miz and being fired by Shane McMahon shortly afterwards.

That would be the easiest way to write him off television for awhile and would serve as an excellent comeback opportunity. What are your thoughts on this? Should WWE use this storyline to benefit The Miz and establish him as one of the greatest heels of all time, or will it do too much damage to Smackdown Live if Bryan is gone? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tell us your favorite Daniel Bryan moment.