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WWE has just announced huge changes in roster and shedule as it concerns former world heavyweight champion. The changes made created lots of great impact to the WWE officials.

The beast, as Brock Lesnar is fondly called has been a part time wrestler since his return to WWE back in 2012. This simply means that he only wrestles on some specific occassions such as the Big Four PPVs include Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

According to WrestlingNewsSource, Lesnar is now confirmed to appear on all but 2 Raw episodes going forward till Mania. The report has it that Brock Lesnar has been added to several more shows between now and WrestleMania.

As reported by WWE, Brock Lesnar has been added to the following shows, January 16th – Raw in Little Rock, January 20th – live event in Buffalo, January 23rd – Raw in Cleveland, January 29th – Royal Rumble in San Antonio, January 30th – Raw in Laredo, February 4th – live event in Salt Lake City, February 6th – Raw in Portland, February 17th – live event in Dallas, February 20th – Raw in Los Angeles, February 27th, Raw in Green Bay, March 6th – Raw in Chicago, March 12th – live event in New York City, March 13th – Raw in Detroit, March 20th – Raw in Brooklyn, April 2nd – WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

More so, due to the 1-year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic commission, Lesnar was not added to the February 13 episode of Raw from Las Vegas. Also, he was not added to the March 27th episode of Raw but is expected to appear on it given that it will be the final Raw before WrestleMania 33.