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According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, The Hardys have begun preliminary talks with WWE about a return to the company. Sources are noting with The Hardys TNA contracts officially expiring, things are looking good on the WWE front.

Multiple sources have reported that, the wrestling legends Matt and Jeff Hardy could be making a sensational return to WWE upon the expiration of their TNA contracts.

Word is that, the high-flying duo are not expected to sign with the company again.

While the reports floats around the industry, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer reported it is “certainly in the ballgame, if not likely” they will go back to WWE.

However, a stumbling block for the return of Team Extreme could be to do with how much creative control they would get under Vince McMahon.

One reason they are choosing to not resign with TNA is that Jeff Jarett is now back in control and that could mean they will not be able to steer their characters in the direction they want.

The Hardys were told by the new TNA regime they would not be granted creative control, Jeff Hardy immediately backed out on signing a new deal, but Matt continued discussions. Matt was later “spooked” when negotiations began to stall, and he wasn’t hearing back from TNA, so he decided to begin negotiating elsewhere.

No deal has been offered quite yet, and something could always change, but as of right now it looks as though they’re heading towards Matt and Jeff returning to WWE.

Here are words from the high-flying duo: