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WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Fired by the company over sexual assaulting a ladyPhilomena Sheahan, the individual that has accused Enzo Amore of raping her, has responded to Sam Cook’s claims that Enzo is innocent of the accusations.

Sheahan said that the text messages Cook displayed in his YouTube video were “taken completely out of context” but she does admit to sending them. Sheahan then attempted to discredit Cook by sharing a link that displays Cook’s “instability” and claims “he’s just off his medication.”

Here is what Sheahan wrote:

“About the texts that @imsamcook is using to “expose” me. The morning of the incident I woke up not knowing where I was. That was 3-5 hours after I did the drugs/was drugged. I vaguely remember sending those messages and they were taken completely out of context. When I fully woke up, I called Sam bawling my eyes out telling him the whole story. It’s so hard for me to comprehend that someone that I’ve known & called my best friend for 3 years, who stood by me and supported me through my PTSD from the trauma and is now betraying me. I have no hatred towards him as he is going through a mental breakdown and is off his medication as I will show in the video posted above. I hope he gets the help he needs & I am truly disheartened.”

While that is rocking in internet, in a recent turn of events, a new video has started circulating on the Internet in which a friend of the alleged victim, Sam Cook, claimed that all the accusations made by Sheahan were false. He openly stated that the sexual encounter was consensual and that the woman in question even bragged about bedding “a famous wrestler.”

For the heck of it, WWE Superstar Enzo Amore was recently released from the company after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, who goes by the name Philomena Sheahan, in October 2017.

However, WWE is yet to confirm the claim made by Sheahan or restore Amore back to his duty; we shall bring you further details shortly.