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Paige and Alberto Del Rio came to the fore of the media with dating and romance, something no one saw coming. WWE is full of this dating stuff and it didn’t begin just now. No, it has been in the industry long enough to call it their norm. Male Superstars dates female stars and that at times is just mere flings but in other times, real relationships spring forth.

While there are a little argument about how suddenly the relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio sprang up, report says that the two have been dating for quite a while now; even before WrestleMania 32.

Hence, PWInsider have said that the relationship between the former WWE Divas Champion and the former United States Champion is for real while Ringside News hammers it by saying that WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte was an ex-girlfriend of Alberto Del Rio.

The media outlet stated that the 38-year old WWE Superstar dated Charlotte after she divorced her husband, TNA Talent Bram and became free to hook up with anyone, whosoever.

Now he has dumped Charlotte for whatever reason and he’s now dating Paige; leaving the two women as enemies of sorts, Ringside News reported.