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Five times world best footballer and Barcelona FC key player Lionel Messi, is on the verge of being jailed over tax fraud allegations.

The 28-year old Argentine professional footballer and his father, Jorge Messi arrived Barcelona few days ago to attest to the claim that they have logically failed on tax payment.

Say what you will, Messi maintained a bold face when he and his father landed at the airport and the die-hard fans hesitated not in cheering and hail him generously .In contrast, the Barcelona supporters were nowhere around their star, he was left alone – so to say.

Systematically, Messi and his father snaked their way through the hordes of journalists waiting anxiously to question them on a host of things and into the court, they entered.

That said, a prosecutor for the Spanish government said that the tax verification documents Lionel Messi submitted are not authentic and stated that, “even 10-year-old children” are aware that taxes ought to be paid.

Lionel Messi Tax Fraud Case Jail

The point the prosecutors are making are that, Messi and his father Jorge used tax havens in Belize and Uruguay, and shell companies in the UK and Switzerland, to avoid paying taxes totalling €4.1 million on earnings from image rights between 2007 to 2009.

And the penalty for the offense according to the government is; if the accused are found guilty, both of them would serve a 22-month jail sentences – although they wouldn’t really sleep inside the prison per se.

There is also a chance that only the father would serve a 18 months jail sentence, that is, if a public prosecutor request is granted.

Meanwhile, the four-day trial came to an end last Friday, and the verdict and sentences is likely to be announced as soon as this week.