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We know this is uncommon; oh yes but it it’s the experience we now have from Rusev and Lana whose relationship have matured backstage to on-screen couple.

The couple has been climbing the love ladder for a while and everyone knew that sooner than later, they would seal their union.

Let’s take a look at their storyline; Lana took the figure of Rusev’s manager and one thing led to the other and they decided to go their separate ways but that is just what the screen tells us.

While behind, something else was moving – a sort of emotional current – that kind that exists between two adults who mean to spend the rest of their lives together. Yes, news broke that Rusev have engaged Lana and the internet went bananas.

Owing to the rush in the adrenaline of Rusev and Lana, WWE took it worthwhile to adjust the storyline to capture the duo as a couple and they were, they really were.

Now is reporting that the duo has fixed the date for their marriage to be September 2, 2016 and the ceremony is pitched to be partly filmed for the forthcoming season of WWE Total Divas reality show.