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Everyone must be shocked that former WWE Divas Champion Paige could be pregnant by now but who can dispute that when Paige herself shared a photo of her being pregnant.

Former WWE Champion Paige has not let the baton down, despite all odds, she has remain eventful. Paige was recently seen in a WWE sex-tape-scandal knocking BRAD MADDOX & XAVIER WOOD in such a hot way.

Yes, the English professional wrestler and actress who debuted WWE in 2005 shares most of her involvements with fans and lovers both in the world of wrestling and whatnot over social media.

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One of such involvements includes her recent engagement to former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, which has brought her quite a number of criticisms, including odd reactions from her father.

While that is still steaming, Paige’s recent post doesn’t depict that all is fine; somewhat she paints the love of her life in a very different light.

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The 24-year-old WWE Diva, recently made a tweet capturing a photo of Del Rio looking, well, a bit different than fans are used to. She posted the picture with a caption that said “You’re right. He’s pregnant and pretty. @VivaDelRio.”

The photo depicts a female body wearing a polka dot print dress, a large necklace, and long brown hair. That would be enough to elicit a “whaaa” from most, but when Del Rio’s face is supplanted on top of it all, well, that’s just another thing entirely. Good luck getting that image out of your head now, and you’re welcome.

We don’t know what this means for now, but we hope in the days ahead, things will unfold, details will hit the media. Keep you posted.