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WrestlingStandard which had previously broken some stories as is reporting that WWE is preparing for Daniel Bryan leaving the company sooner than later and Bryan is not happy about it.

According to the report, WWE is booking Bryan for matches and storylines that were originally planned for the rest of the year.

According to reports, Daniel Bryan has eventually told his dear wife that he is leaving her — Brie Bella said.

So far, it appears that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella has been happily married for some years now and has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Birdie.

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According to reports, Bryan has decided that he wants to move back home as soon as he leaves the company, to Phoenix without his wife, Brie so he can have some time to himself.

“My husband, now that he’s hit rock bottom, I honestly feel that his depression is out of control,” Brie says. “He’s just in a very dark place.”

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Bryan Wants to Move to Washington for Three Months:

While talking to her friends and family, Brie drops a bombshell about Bryan.

“We all saw it this morning, my husband is bouncing because he’s dealing with all these mental issues,” Brie says.

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“You’re not gonna leave him because of it right?” JJ asks.

“No, one hundred percent I won’t,” Brie says. “I’m right there with him.”

But Brie explains that Bryan told her, “I need to go to Washington state for three months, talk to you after that.”

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Brie then says, “Bryan wants to move to Aberdeen for three months. Just kinda saying it out loud, it kinda just…it wakes me up a little bit.”

She tells her family and friends, “I guess what it comes down to is you just don’t know who you end up with and you just gotta roll with the punches.”