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The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and Triple H have yet another issue to contend with, this time it’s about the respect and disrespect for WWE junior leagues, NXT.

Unlike before, NXT is now described as one of the biggest WWE products especially as WWE RAW keeps plummeting. On the other hand, some have even argued that NXT is the best in the wrestling world as nearly all professional wrestlers have at one time or the other wished to perform there before their career comes to an end.

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However, sources have reported that Triple H and Roman Reigns are likely having over the way things are being conducted and presented on the WWE television.

The whole problem began when Roman Reigns crushed Triple H after losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus at the WWE TLC. Days later, Triple H who has been a huge part of the formation processes of young talents in WWE NXT appeared on the NXT Takeover: London show despite the unhallowed injury he sustained from the TLC encounter. From the script, Triple H was supposed to be admitted in the hospital, Reigns injured him but that wasn’t the way the entire story later turned out to be and fans didn’t like that, the Wrestling Observer newsletter reported.

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Fans took offense from the angle where HHH tweeted these words: “100 lbs single arm incline dumbell press x 20reps” They said to themselves that Triple H completely broke kayfabe and acted as if the injury didn’t even exist.

According to WrestleZone, if any other Superstar had broken his kayfabe so gravely, they would probably have been in a lot of trouble with the man himself as well as WWE.

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Roman Reigns gave a promo on SmackDown a little while after the encounter with HHH and he said that Triple H was “nowhere to be seen” since the Pay-Per-View, but that remark was not true – Triple H was in London for NXT Takeover: London

It was upon this background that a quarter of people backstage held unto the word, “nowhere” and said it was defined as contempt and a sign of disrespectful for NXT. They argued that by saying so, he implied that NXT was not reputable and lacks the required ingredients to be appropriately addressed.

But that is not really the case, NXT is doing well and WWE has always held it as an honor to see the two leagues blossom and thrive. In the nearest future, you will see just how well NXT would become. We shall keep you posted!