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It is a known fact that several superstars have been released from their contract by WWE and just after leaving the company, they choose to change their names to something else.

Actually, among these superstars, few requested for their release while others was terminated by WWE.

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Simon Gotch, a grand member of the Vaudevillian was released some days ago due to some issues which he had with the company. And just after his release, report has it that he took up a new name and wanted to be called by it, remarking that old things has indeed passed away and all things has become new in his career.

Well, according to, Simon Gotch now has a new name— and it’s very “grimm.” “Now that he’s no longer with the company, recently released WWE wrestler Simon Gotch has a new name — and it’s very “grimm.”

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In case you didn’t know, Simon Gotch made the debut of his store on Pro Wrestling Tees this week and is now selling two different designs which feature the new ring alias, Simon Grimm.

With all these being said, it is revealed that Simon has plans to continue with his wrestling career even though WWE has not released any words regarding his release despite the fact they agreed to release him from his contract earlier this month.