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WWE Superstar Finn Balor is currently rocking the industry with his handsome face as quite a number of female stars are dancing around him.

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Yes, Finn Balor’s relationship has always brought a big question to a lot of WWE fans; everyone curious to know who the handsome fans lover could be dating.

Some fans across the social media have valued him to be more handsome than WWE Champion Roman Reigns while others say, he comes after Reigns. Whatever be the case, Balor is handsome and he tends to be pretty private about his personal life.

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As at the moment, there has been a lot of speculations concerning his present girlfriend as words floating around the WWE is that the WWE star Finn Balor is currently dating 28-years old WWE ring announcer and television host, Cathy Kelly.

In Case You Don’t Know.

Cathy Kelley works for WWE in a wide variety of roles. This includes backstage interviewer and hosting many WWE videos.

The two were seen walking the streets and holding hands, signaling something intimate, something within the atmosphere of romance. Kelley’s face can’t be seen in the photo, but she posted an image on Twitter while wearing the same outfit.

Also, investigations reveal that Finn Balor is presently dating WWE Cathy Kelley. A statement by correspondent in the WWE says:

“The Finn Balor girlfriend mystery has finally been solved.

“Her identity is now known to WWE fans. It is none other than ring announcer Cathy Kelley. Not surprisingly, the confirmation happened via social media. Fans spotted Balor and Kelley together out in public. Finn was holding her hand like she was his girlfriend. No word yet on how long he has been dating Cathy.”

Not long after this picture was revealed, Cathy Kelley posted an Instagram photo. She also seemed to be wearing the same outfit as the woman you see above.

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