BREAKING NEWS: Finally GOODBYE To WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler From The Company – See Huge Reason For Leaving

Arguably one of the company’s most talented performers Dolph Ziggler is already winding up his career with Vince Mcmahon’s company, his girlfriend has said as much.

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Trisha Paytas who recently began talking of her sexual relationship with Ziggler claimed that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is on the verge of leaving the company for whatsoever endeavor he desires.

One report claims that he’s leaving the WWE due to his outstanding wrestling ability vis-à-vis his outspoken nature and willingness to comment on WWE’s creative direction and his perpetual status yet he’s nothing more than a mid-card talent.

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While Dolph is yet to comment about it, indications are that he likely would leave the company; the submission from the 29-year-old YouTube personality could not be devoid of certain facts that Dolph has been painting lately that he would leave the company in a time sooner than anticipated.

However, let’s wait and see how things turn out to be. Do you think Dolph should leave even as we are aware he’s arguably one of the company’s most talented performers yet remain as a mid-carder?