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Nikki Bella and John Cena are definitely working things out – but that doesn’t mean she’ll be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Although the couple split after six years together in April, the WWE stars recently got back together, Our news source reported revealed. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re engaged again.

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“There has been no discussion about a wedding. They’re not officially engaged again,” an insider close to the couple tells Us. “They are working on their relationship day by day. There’s nothing going on more than them trying to figure out their situation.”

The source adds that they both needed the time apart to figure out what they want.

“She’s in a place where she’s just exhausted by some of the things going on in the relationship. John is the love of her life, she adores him,” a source told Us in April following the split. “Right now, she has to focus on herself.”

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Everything John Cena and Nikki Bella Have Said About Their Broken Engagement

The wasn’t the first time the two separated. Bella, 34, and Cena, 41, took a break in January as well, which is playing out on the current season of Total Bellas. In a sneak peek for the Sunday, June 10, episode, she returns to their house to get things for Royal Rumble and finds roses and a love letter from her then-ex.

“For me to watch you grow into something so beautiful and amazing…for making me feel a part of all these moments,” he wrote in the letter.

She admitted in her confessional: “It’s really hard to be in this house without John and his presence is so strong here.”