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For some considerable long time now, the Hardy Boys, Jeff and broken Matt Hardy has been away from WWE. Their return resulted in one of the biggest pops at WrestleMania 33.

The possibility of the brothers coming back to the WWE was heavily discussed prior to the pay-per-view. Despite this, the entire WWE Universe marked out when they saw Jeff and Matt walk down the entrance ramp at WrestleMania.

Once the adrenaline finally settled, reality sunk in for everyone. This was the moment everyone realized that they were seeing the ‘Hardy Boyz’ and not the ‘Broken Hardys’.

The legal tussle between Impact Wrestling owners, Anthem and the Hardy family over the ‘Broken’ Gimmick was probably what made resulted in the un-Broken Hardys dancing down the ramp. If it wasn’t for this legal battle, there was a possibility of the Hardy Boyz starting their new spell in WWE with the Broken Gimmick.

It is stated that a few years back, Matt and Jeff were stuck in an abyss of irrelevance. They were active and they were performing all over the United States, but not many cared. Hardys came across as washed up veterans in the business that was feeding off the legacy they made in WWE. And then, the lightning struck.