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According to a report by Rey Mysterio supposedly passed away only to later clarify on the issue as detailed below…

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It was reported last week that WWE had passed on a possible Rey Mysterio return, noting that Vince McMahon was not interested in working with Konnan, who represents the Lucha Underground star.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, talks between WWE & Mysterio were reportedly overblown because Mysterio looking at GFW because it would allow him more freedom to do side projects and at this stage of his career isn’t going to be able to work the WWE schedule. He spoke with WWE in hopes that they may offer him deal with limited dates. He didn’t want a non-talent public relations position, because it isn’t going to pay what he could earn as talent working indies, doing autograph shows and other projects.

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The site also reports that Konnan said he had not negotiated for Mysterio when it comes to WWE, Konnan then reportedly said that if Mysterio was wanting to go to WWE, and anyone in WWE saw his involvement as a negative, that he’d stay out and allow Mysterio to negotiate for himself.

The fact that Mysterio is openly talking with other companies while being considered Lucha Underground’s biggest star is looked at as a bad sign for Lucha Underground’s future. But after a couple of years with no movie (never promised but was part of the pitch), no house show touring, long delays between tapings, no merchandise to speak of and money issues in getting what he signed for, these are not positives.