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WWE superstar would be leaving the company has soon his contract expire, this was the news released by the company, speculation have it that the Japan Pro Wrestling star is counting his days regarding when he would leave the company following personal issue with the management.

Shinsuke Nakamura, who recently made his debut in the WWE main roster, will frustratingly be making a turn to the base where he started from. The former Japan Pro Wrestling star hasn’t lived up to his lofty expectations, following his high rated performance.

Although many feel things haven’t been going too great for the 37-year-old “King of Strong Style” from a creative standpoint, the coming weeks should be quite interesting for Nakamura and his fans. Next Tuesday’s number one contender match between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura has left WWE fans debating on whether Cena should face Jinder Mahal for a chance at a record-breaking 17th world championship, or if Shinsuke should get his big moment instead at SummerSlam. According to Report from our news crew, both men have a lot to gain by winning that match, with Nakamura, in particular, needing a “renewed sense of motivation” on the main roster after dominating NXT previously.

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Indeed Nakamura coming match with John Cena at SmackDown Live is a dream come true for Nakamura, but many fears the stake of match and expectation from him by his fans might affect his performance, Shinsuke Nakamura last match with Baron Corbin at the Battleground pay-per-view left a lot to be desired for many fans.

Following this development, our news analyst gave their own view, on the coming match, they said, “We starting to think that perhaps he has already scratched ‘wrestle for WWE’ off his bucket list and now he’s putting in time, cashing checks, and already planning his return to New Japan.”

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Similarly, former WCW, ECW, and WWE wrestler Lance Storm opined that Shinsuke Nakamura, while not necessarily leaving WWE, may be mailing it in, thanks to his success in NXT using a different, less-physical wrestling style from what he was accustomed to in New Japan.
“He’s been biding his time in NXT and he’s been working at that speed now for a while that I’m curious if he’s ever gonna come out of it barring perhaps a match with AJ (Styles).”