BREAKING NEWS: My Wife Is Pregnant – See Pregnancy Details… See The Father Of The Baby

Nikki Bella and John Cena’s wedding became the talk of the day when Nikki made the note on “…wedding and a pregnancy, we have a very fertile home, I guess.”

We are getting to know more and more interesting sides of the Bella family as the forthcoming “Total Bellas” reality show would feature them in grand styles.

As an offshoot of the “Total Divas”, Nikki Bella was speaking with E! News, and just when she was trying to hype the show, she made a note that “There was a wedding and a pregnancy, we have a very fertile home, I guess.”

And that single expression sent several wavelengths into the air as quite a good number of people wondered if it was herself the longest reigning WWE Women’s Champion was talking about.

But findings have revealed that the wedding is going to be between John Laurinaitis and “Mama Bella” Kathy Colace, who would be featured on the show. While the pregnancy is that of the brother of the Bella Twins’, JJ Garcia, whose wife, Lola, is currently carrying their first child.

As seen below, JJ Garcia has announced that his wife is pregnant: