BREAKING NEWS: Nia Jax NUDE Photo Leaks Online – Nia Jax Suspended — See Jax’s Nude Photo

Nia Jax nude and WWE technical suspension…

The tradition of WWE is that its female wrestlers are usually sexy, slim and very beautiful. But that tradition was broken with the emergence of real-name Savelina Fanene who looks more of a giant, huge and hefty that makes her become the only diva WWE announces her weight upon her entrance, just as they do for her male counterparts.

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That said, fans have not been seeing much of the 33-years old Diva as expected. Apart from WrestleMania 33 where she involved in the fatal four way match against, Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks respectively, nothing much has she been used for lately.

Hence, words reaching out us insinuate that Nia Jax is technically suspended as the company is planning something big for her in the future.

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According to the WWE Universe, RAW has been putting a lot more focus on building stars rather than build the entire Women’s roster. As a result, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Nia Jax have been grounded in the backseat on RAW.

On the other hand, Jax posted a semi-naked photo of herself in a bathing suit along with the message that people should remain self-confident regardless of how they look. She also disclosed that practicing healthy habits is what keeps her positive and beautiful. See Nia Jax nude photo

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