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A report has just reached our news crew stating that a popular WWE Superstar has broken up with his girlfriend.

A report has just reached our news crew stating that popular WWE Superstar King Barrett has broken up with his girlfriend.

She made this known recently on social media that she and King Barrett have parted ways.

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Barrett broke up with Total Divas, Alicia Fox

Barrett was formerly dating Total Divas, Alicia Fox but he broke the relationship after two years of dating because Barrett claimed Fox was not the type of woman he had dreamt of marrying. Hence, there’s no necessity continuing dating.

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Yes, on February 16, 2015, a report was published stating that Bad News Barrett broke up with his girlfriend, Alicia Fox. As seen in the video clip above, Fox never saw the break up coming; hence she confronted Barrett asking why the break up and Barrett noted that he can’t see a picture of himself and Fox ever getting married.

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