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The WWE needs your brand of Bulgarian handsomeness more than ever.

For a while now, there have been such huge speculations that Rusev is dissatisfied with the company especially as he was left in the mid-card even after his fellow Tag Team partner have been given such huge promotion.

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After rumors arose this week suggesting Lana and Rusev requested their release from WWE, Rusev’s latest tweet may have confirmed the news of the Bulgarian Brute’s departure.

The former United States Champion thanked the WWE front office and everyone involved for an undisclosed reason, but the latest rumors suggest that he could possibly be thanking them for granting his release request.

However, this is pure speculation and could just as easily be Rusev trolling the fans. Generally, wrestlers thank the company for their time there or promise to divulge personal stories at a later date, but Rusev didn’t mention what the status of his WWE contract in his tweet nor did he suggest more details would be given later.

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WWE has released no information on Rusev through their website or any of their social media pages and Lana has yet to comment on her husband’s message.

The original rumor suggested that Lana would be leaving the WWE along with Rusev, but Lana dismissed those rumors Wednesday saying that those reporting the rumors of their departure were “pathetic villagers that pretend that they are journalists.”

If Rusev is leaving the company this will mark the end of a seven-year career with the WWE since he signed a developmental contract in 2010.

His biggest accomplishments to date have been his winning the United States Championship reigns and his high-profile match against John Cena for the title at WrestleMania 31.