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Observably, the news that has always been aired now is the news of the return of various superstars. Last time we reported the return of former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin who is returning to join the blue brand which is the SmackDown brand.

It may interest you to know that the WWE has been split into two great parts which are the Blue brand which is the SmackDown brand and the red brand as the case may be which is the RAW brand. former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin is joining the Shane McMahon’s brand which is SmackDown. Well, Benjamin may not be the only superstar who is making his return to the WWE, several other names have been announced which include Jinder Mahal and Melina.

It is revealed that Jinder Mahal joined the WWE since 2011 and he was placed in an angle with the big superstar Great Khali as a heel. Jinder Mahal is returning to WWE and will be joining the Stephanie McMahon’s brand section which is the RAW brand rooster this will make the rooster to be some worth heavy and slightly stronger. But it seems that both brands are of equal powers and strength as the various members of each brand were diligently selected.

Mahal has been part of WWE since 2011 but was released from his contract in 2014 due to a negligible run as a member of 3MB with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. After the year which Mahal was inserted in an angle with The Great Khali, he feuded with various superstars the next year and the superstars whom he fought with included; Ted Dibiase Jr., Sheamus, Randy Orton and Ryback.

Mahal has a great tenure in the WWE and the most important of all is the undefeated streak in the previous introduced NXT which finally was ended by Seth Rollins in the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Now, Mahal is back to the WWE to start up from where he stopped and we strongly believe that he might have gathered lots of skills to boost of. Lets watch out for Mahal new in ring styles.