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WWE Women Champion Ronda Rousey is one step away from the company, multiple sources have reported recently.

A while ago, there was a buzz on the internet as regards Ronda Rousey leaving the WWE company for child bearing.

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While that was still ringing in the air, Ronda Rousey came forth to say that she has no intention of leaving the company after WrestleManiaa 35 or Summerslam for childbearing or whatsoever.

However, according to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE doesn’t just envision Lacey Evans as someone who can have success, but as Superstar that they can build around to become the next Ronda Rousey upon her departure.

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“Lacey Evans — you have no idea how big they want Lacey Evans to be. You know we talked about Asuka and Lacey Evans which I don’t think is going to happen, but that was the idea anyway.

Right now we know that when Ronda Rousey leaves the company, tere would be limited numbers of big stars.

The big three: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks are already registered except something else alters that. But that’s not sufficient talents for the Women brands, hence, Lacey Evans is being built to replace Ronda Rousey.

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Dave Meltzer has emphatically stated that though Lacey Evans may not be able to fit into Ronda Rousey’s shoes perfectly but that the way WWE sees things/her for now… the next Ronda Rousey. Kind of a shock!!!

Evans didn’t spend much time in NXT, nor did she ever get a turn as the Yellow Brand’s champion. However, some of NXT finest products–Alexa Bliss and Elias—arrive on the main roster with little to no fanfare. This recipe seems to breed success, as NXT stars with a limited resume can enter WWE’s biggest stage with a clean slate and reasonable expectations.

However, Meltzer went on to say that WWE believes Evans can be a major star, going as far as comparing her to Roman Reigns.

“They see her as someone they can promote mainstream because of what she’s done in life being a mother all the different things in her background. They just see her as a big-time star, a big-time crossover star. So she’s gonna be you know, she’s the Roman Reigns in a lot of ways […] I mean that’s the goal,” he said.

Since making her main roster debut, Evans has been attached to rumors of WWE having big plans for her. However, WWE seems to be making a concerted effort to keep her exposure level low. Outside of a few promos and random interruptions, Evans has been off camera. This does suggest that WWE is trying a new path for her, rather than just simply feeding her a win streak like most NXT call ups.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Evans in the upcoming months. While this report may be inherently speculative, Meltzer seems confident that WWE has exceptional plans for Evans.