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Ronda Rousey who seats as WWE RAW Women’s Champion shocked the world once more when she came forth with another outstanding performance in the match against Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. It was such a match no to forget in a hurry and while both women left everything in the ring, Ronda Rousey may be left with more than she bargained for.

The WWE RAW Women’s Champion has taken to her official website to show off an injury she sustained at the hands of Charlotte Flair last night.

The match had a big fight feel to it. The crowd chanted “Becky” and the two started strong, evading potentially devastating strikes. Charlotte was standing tall and not backing down in the stand-up against Rousey.

For The Record:
The Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch rivalry was the hottest thing in WWE until last week, with the champions of both brands set to face off at Survivor Series last night. However, when Becky Lynch sustained a “broken face and major concussion”, a spanner was thrown in the works.

Lynch would be forced to withdraw from Survivor Series, but we would instead be treated to a dream match when the SmackDown Women’s Champion chose her former friend and most recent rival Charlotte to take her place.

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Rousey and Charlotte had an incredible match at Survivor Series, despite only having five days’ notice. The pair got very physical in an encounter that ended in a disqualification, teeing up for a future rivalry between the pair after Charlotte unloaded on her opponent with a kendo stick and a chair.

On her official website, Ronda Rousey has shared a very graphic photo of the injuries she sustained last night at the hands of Charlotte Flair during their Survivor Series match.

Rousey has confirmed she will be at RAW tonight, though, in a statement that accompanies the photo of her war wounds.

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I refused to let the doctor see me until they promised to clear me for RAW today, I said I would go home and glue it shut if I had to. They took a quick look and said I can either stitch it shut or glue it so I decided to glue it and I will be on RAW tonight!

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING Ronda Rousey VS. Charlotte Flair Bout And What’s Next For Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey (Raw women’s champion) def. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown) via disqualification: This “dream match” was on the fast track to becoming one of the best in WWE women’s history until an abrupt DQ finish. But the violence which followed after Flair’s heel turn escalated this feud to absurd levels of heat, possibly even to the main event of WrestleMania.

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Exactly where does SmackDown champion Becky Lynch, whose facial injuries pulled her from the match, fit into all of this? It’s difficult to say at the moment and certainly there’s a fear now for Lynch fans that she’ll be the odd woman out come April. Yet that’s almost a secondary storyline at the moment because of how vicious and jarring Flair’s attack on Rousey truly was after the match.

After a kendo stick and steel chair attack which featured strikes that were anything but fake, Rousey refused treatment or help from road agents as she limped her way back up the ramp. With a top covered in blood and gruesome bruises across her arms and legs, Rousey paused to confront an insulting fan with, “You’re not a man,” while looking despondent.

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Not only did Rousey sell the attack and commit to withstanding pain at a level that belies her experience, Flair was simply brilliant in ending the match with a kendo stick to the stomach and then later trapping Rousey’s head in a chair before stomping on it. Lost of late in her role as a white meat babyface, Flair showed a return to the heel swagger that made main roster fans fall in love with her. She was unapologetic and borderline sociopath in her demeanor. It was beautiful, with the crowd providing a soundtrack of “Thank you Charlotte!”

Flair similarly turned out to be the perfect foil to Rousey’s physicality inside the ring during the match. She countered or powered out of Rousey’s vaunted armbar in ways that were believable and eschewed technique to turn the match into more of an elite brawl that was showered with intensity. The only drawback outside of the finish was that this match was thrown together so late, we never got a proper build. Expect that to be solved ahead of WrestleMania.

With all respect to Lynch, who is as red-hot and over on an organic level as any superstar in years, a consolation prize of Rousey and Flair headlining 2019’s biggest show suddenly feels too perfect to pass up. These two have the in-ring potential to present a legitimate five-star women’s match on the biggest stage available and that’s nothing to scoff at.