BREAKING NEWS: Is Stephanie McMahon Finally Leaving Triple H After 14 Years Marriage? — See Huge Announcement She Made

The daughter of Vince McMahon the WWE boss has gained much in her father’s company because she has been there since she was born. Stephanie McMahon is recognized as a star all across the universe and she has tried to maintain this. She is the wife of the famous Triple H, who is the WWE NXT brand manager.

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Stephanie was privileged to be interviewed on the Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength podcast where she talked about her true self which included her favorite superstar apart from her husband Triple H, she talked about her affairs with fitness, business and music.

She discussed that Andre the Giant was her most beloved superstar which means that she abandoned Triple H and chose Andre the Giant instead. Talking about fitness, she said that she had loved bodybuilding since her 12. I know some persons would want to ask, how would Triple H feel?

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Well, to me there is nothing to think about; she just mentioned who her favorite superstar was and nothing more. So, I will say that Triple H won’t feel anything bad at all.